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Growing up in the 1990’s

I recall a past time in my life the 90’s were everything and I didn’t know at the time how lucky I was to be able to grow in this era. When I was a kid we played all day outside and I never wore shoes ha can you believe it?!!! I love this time of my life because it is major nostalgia and I can not express how cool it was to be a kid in the 90’s. I loved spice girls, tea sets, and of course Titanic (oh jack)! I was a mean cook with my easy baked oven and I had a killer mixtape lol. Now lets talk fashion I remember as far back my mother dressed me like a girly girly and I did get into dresses and such later in life but I was a tomboy. I wanted to wear t-shirts, boots, straight legged denim lol and just be a wild child. As I got into my tween years I preformed getting ready rituals. First Britney spears or nsync was jamming on my 5 disc stereo. Second had to get the hair done so high ponytail it was and don’t forget the color clips for the little baby hairs in the front, spray with tons of RAVE hair spray. Next was makeup always pick a color that was two shades darker than your skin tone, add some glitter to your eyes, smack on some wet and wild lip gloss the roller kind and don’t forget to spray with elizabeth arden sunflower perfume.

90’s Fashion

I wanted to share some of my looks that I created recently as I was going back in time (i wish). Most of my selection founded in thrift stores and heavenly sales I must say I am the best at staying with in a budget. My hope is you find joy and open your mind to shopping second hand. Be you because there is only one YOU! Happy thrifting Peace out!!!!


What I look for in a top quality thrift store.

I have people often ask me how I can go into unorganized thrift stores and not be overwhelmed with the hunting process. Honestly I know that exact feeling. I have to admit there have been days when I did not even have the energy to go shopping. As I became more experienced in my craft, I started to rate thrift stores on different categorizes. ENJOY!

  1. The location of the thrift store. Higher income neighborhoods means better thrift finds.
  2. The cleanliness of the store. I mean why not?
  3. The clothing is organized by size or color but I prefer size.
  4. The prices are priced at thrift store rates and not department store prices. Also when you are donating item that are new it would be best to remove the tags. Most stores price the item higher.
  5. The store has a weekly or daily sale.
  6. There is a dressing room to try on clothing. I know some people can go without but I like to see the item visual on myself.
  7. The variety and quantity of items in the store.
  8. Customer service. This is a big deal for me. I have had in my past no so good service and totally turned me off from wanting to shop at the establishment. When this happens I often talk to a manager if problem is not resolved I reach out to corporate and also get the worker’s name, date, and time.
  9. The mission of the company. Are you supporting a local family ran store or a chain store? Does the thrift store bring jobs to the locals or give back to the community? Do your research to know where your money is going.
  10. The overall experience. If I enjoyed myself or not so much I always give a store another chance over time some days are just off days for myself.

What do you look for in a thrift store?

DIY: Dollar Tree Cupcake Stand/Dessert Stand

I am a thrifter and I love a great bargain as most of you know I am cheap. The month of January I was hunting for housewares (read here my January finds) I found a beautiful Tea set for one and I wanted to have my own tea party.( pics will be coming soon of my tea party). I made my list to hunt for a cupcake stand and I am telling you those things are very hard to come by in the thrift store. As soon as the cupcake/dessert stands come on to the floor they are gone. I had to think of a way to get what I want but at a low cost and I love the dollar tree I mean who doesn’t every thing is one dollar! I had a thought I am going to make my own. I mean how hard could it be I needed a couple of trays, some super glue, and something to put in the middle of my trays. I got my purse and keys and ran to the dollar tree to get my supplies.

Here’s what you need

  • Superglue
  • 3 trays or cake trays
  • 2 candle holders

#1 Apply Glue

I applied the glue to the base and rim of the candle holder. Super easy but be careful not to get on your skin. I was picking at my skin because I did not wear my gloves.

#2 Get your tray’s

I then took my tray and layed it flat on my counter top. I put the base of the candle holder (with glue) on the tray and pressed down (not too hard) and I grabbed the other tray and I put it on the rim of the candle holder. I did this one more time to create a three layer tray.

#3 Apply a heavier object to tray

I applied a candy dish to the top of my tray and let try for three hours. I gave it more time because I wanted to make sure my trays did not fall apart.

Finished Product for $6

And there you have it a perfect and budget friendly cupcake/dessert stand for only Six dollars. This dessert stand would be perfect for a birthday party , wedding, and tea parties.

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January Thrift finds: Housewares

Every month I try to keep to a list of hunting for things I need or want and I have been into cooking and making my house a home I wanted to start buying things I need for my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of my home and I spend most of my time there anyways so I might as well get some tools that will come in handy. I am not the best cook but I try. I was working full time at this office gig I had and I was crazy busy no time to think no time to do absolutely anything but come home and cook, bath time, sleep, and start over again the next day. I dreaded my week. Anyways I went on a hunt to find things that will help me make life easier and this is what I found.

TEA Anyone?

Cute and delicate like me ha

Let’s start with the tea set. I am a tea drinker and a favorite past time of mine I loved to go to the store with my mom and I always asked for the plastic toy tea set. I really have been getting back to the things that make me happy because let’s face it being a grown up is boring at times and I wanted to bring out the inner kid in me. Well I love to drink tea and I just needed a grown up set for myself. I snagged this tea set for one for $4 at Common Threads in Fairview park, Ohio. I will also be hosting a tea set in the spring. Also watch out for my DIY to how to make a cupcake stand for under $5 from the Dollar Tree.

Tupperware makes life better!

Veggie steamer

I am not a Tupperware consultant just wanted to add that. I have social media, who doesn’t now a days and you see so many business being advertised right? I seen a friend of mine post a video of her cooking with Tupperware. I of course was interested because it makes life easier right!? I seen what i liked and whoa it was very expensive and if you are like me then you will shop at the thrift store to see if you can find the same thing for way less. I didn’t find the steam a whole meal thingy I wanted but I found a vintage veggie steamer and also you can steam meat if you like but I just like the veggies. This one I picked up for $2 at Common Threads in Brook Park, Ohio. Also see how I clean and sanitize my dish-ware.

Juice is LIFE!

Best damn juicer for under $12

I remember growing up and seeing the Jack Lalanne juice infomercial as a kid and was like wow that is coolest thing ever you can really make juice from fruit lol I know it was amazing. Now let me remind you I am an adult and it is January right and most of us want to be on the healthy track NEW YEAR NEW ME crap lol so I wanted a juicer. I looked up the price and holy moly $80 bucks! So I went on a hunt and found a similar one like this on here for only $12 from Value World in Lakewood, Ohio. The juicer was originally $24 at the thrift store but I had an exclusive VIP coupon from signing up for Value world’s mailing list so I got a great deal. The juice is amazing when you juice it yourself.

Lastly I found all of this for under $20

Yes I am a great budget shopper and I make a list I stick to the budget and get what I need for about 90% off of the original cost at a department store. I have other random finds I included. Want to learn how i do it check out my how to thrift shop guide here.

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More pictures to get you excited to thrift shop

Thrift Shopping How to Guide

I have been a experience thrift shopper for 12 years and I have learned alot from taking time to critique my craft. There are days I can hunt for hours and days when I have no time in the day to think straight and I have to get my thrift fix (just to clarify I am no junkie i just love what i do). I have put together 5 tips on how I save time weather you have 30 minutes to shop or the whole day. I have came up with a successful strategy to get you organized and save you money.

#1 Make your list

I’m not talking christmas list but your thrift list( it feels like it at time, I am a big kid). I start by going through my house. I look in my closet, cupboards, or my notes on my iphone to see what I have wants and needs. Here is how you figure out your needs and wants. For example I want that michael kors bag behind the counter today priced $19.98 but my budget tells me it’s not possible due to the fact i have to buy groceries and diaper my child. Here is a tip, the MK bag may still be there next week if so I will get it half off. I will pray to the thrift gods it all works in my favor. My needs would be I need an air humidifier. It is winter here in ohio and the heat from the furnace is dry and that mean stuffy noses waking up and feeling like crap and that’s a big NO for me! This is how I organize my wants and needs. Prioritize based on what feels best.

#2 Set your budget

If only I could have unlimited amounts of spending money I would never work and I would be in the thrift store or traveling the world, a girl can only dream! This is a skill i had to work hard to achieve because I am a spender at least at the dollar tree where everythings a buck! I write out my finances for the money you know mortgage, electric bill, groceries, and etc…I use the envelope system with cash it helps me from making impulsive buys it works well for me to keep track of my spending. I set my budget for the week. I usually give myself $20 a week. This is all up to your budget.

#3 Hunt for sales of the week and check your Email

I am very knowdlegable about the thrift store sales in the cleveland area. I shop at most stores on a weekly basis and most of the employees know be my name lol im not kidding, they know my whole life story. If you have a great thrift store who cares about you saving even more money then it wouldn’t hurt to keep up with the daily and local sales. Here in cleveland the thrift store Common Threads (one of my favorite stores) has a sale daily which is very helpful when you are hunting for particular items. Goodwill and Value World have a weekly color sale and sometimes a bonus color sale. SCORE! Also sign up for your local thrift store email list, you will get exclusive coupons and even a birthday coupon( at some locations) COOL HUH!?

#4 Shop in sections

Its like this you will need to have a game plan when you step into the store or you will get side track and forget about what you are shopping for, trust me it has happen many times. What I like to do is according to my list I hunt for my needs first then I work my way to my wants. For example I am looking for a humidifier I will go straight to the houseware section and hopefully i will get what I came in for. Then I will start with my wants accessories,shoes,clothing..etc. You set up what is easiest for you so that way you are not all over the store and getting tired from the hunt. Trust me I go through the clothing racks and my arm hurts and suddenly im tired at least my arm is lol I must be gaining some muscles. Organize what’s best for you.

#5 Have fun hunting BUT remember you are more than a shopper!

Did you know that thrifting is saving YOU money when you shop second hand BUT did you know that you are helping eliminating waste? That is right! Did you know that 294 million tons of waste go into landfills yearly YIKES right?! Thank you for doing your part! You also are supporting your local community when you choose to shop second hand. You are helping support local jobs and supporting a whole movement. You are amazing thank you for being apart of the THRIFT movement. Tell everyone to shop second hand!

Waste in a landfill

My Top 5 Thrifting Tips & Advice

I am sharing a VLOG today with you about my tips and advice on how I save the most money. If we could all start small we are doing our part. see video below

Be sure to add me on instagram thriftingwithmegan2020 to stay up to date on my projects. Thanks

My Honest Beauty Review:MaryKay

I wanted to switch gears and talk with you about beauty. I feel it is important to not only share the inside of our beauty to the world, but also show how I am feeling on the outside. I love to pamper myself, and I am all for anything beauty. I live a very budget-friendly lifestyle as most of you know I thrift shop for most of my clothing for my whole family too. I have extra money to be able to afford my beauty items. I learn not to splurge but I purchase what is best for me.

I recently attended a MaryKay party. I was looking for something budget friendly and effective. I am starting to see a difference in my skin as I am getting older and wiser. I want to share with you my honest review about the products I have sampled so far. I am a big supporter for woman empowering other woman. And I support small business. I am always willing to support woman in my community. I know MaryKay is a global company, but these woman are supporting their families, teaching woman about skin care and make-up, and giving woman the confidence they need. These woman are killing it in the skin care and make up world. Please see video below for my review.

Please share your experience with skin care and make up with me. It can be MaryKay or other brands.

How to dress from head to toe with $20! Look-a-like Thrift Challenge Explained

I recently had a thrifting segment with the local news station in Cleveland, Ohio. I had a challenge a head of me to dress 3 models in three different looks. All outfits from head to toe had to be under $25. Can you believe it? I love treasure hunting and finding the best deal in my city, so I accepted the challenge and went on to get some inspiration looks online. I picked a date night look and two casual looks. This is what I came up for my inspiration down below.

Casual Inspiration

Date night Inspiration

Casual Inspiration

The Hunt

I get a thrill on hunting for the perfect item for the best price. I looked in my closet to find pieces I may already have so that way I am not buying the same thing over again. I mean I live the zero-waste lifestyle and want to make sure I’m not spending money I don’t have. I had some black jeans and a grey vest so I did not have to buy these items.. Score!

The Final Results

This challenge is all about finding pieces that I can style and they look like I bought them at retail prices. I had to keep my budget in mind and I shopped on sale days. For example on Sundays at goodwill they have one color tag for $1. I stayed on budget and I killed this challenge!

Casual Look #1

I love the color black and mixing it with light color or print is my favorite look. I like this outfit because it is comfortable and you can go anywhere with this look. This look was created for under $20. You read that right. See down below for pricing list.

Casual look I created

Lets break down the pricing

  • Necklace $1
  • Bracelet $1
  • Tunic Shirt $3
  • Vest $0 ( I had in my closet I bought it for $3 )
  • Black Jeans $4 (not pictured)
  • Shoes $6

Total $18

Casual Look #2

I enjoyed putting vintage items together with trendy pieces. I have always done what I want in fashion. If it looks good and feels good I will wear it. This look can be worn for going out for the day or drinks with the girl friends. This look was created for under $20. See down below for pricing list.

Casual look I created

Let’s break down the pricing

  • Hat $2
  • Shirt $3
  • Cami $1.49
  • Belt $1
  • Black Jeans $4 (not pictured)
  • Shoes $5

Total $16.49

Date Night Look

I love this classic look. The red and black really compliment eachother. This classic look is perfect for going out with your boo thang! This look was created for under $20. See down below for pricing list.

Let’s break down the pricing

  • Earings $2
  • Trench $5
  • Dress $6
  • Shoes $5
  • Clutch $2

Total $20

Join the Thrift Lifestyle

I hope you enjoyed the looks I created and hope you find inspiration to start the thrift life style. The goal is to make everyone a thrifter for life. As you can see the sky is the limit as a thrifter. You are free to use your creativity and create your one of kind look that no one will have. I encourage you to reach out to me if you would like to join my thrift challenge. Not only do you get an amazing outfit to wear, you will learn how to budget and get a look into my world as a second- hand shopper. Happy thrifting!

March Spring Look-a-Like Challenge

Happy March Cleveland! I can not wait for the time change to spring forward. Thats right Cleveland get ready for the extra daylight and possibly sunshine. I have been hibernating it seems for the whole month of February. I only hope for no more snow and cold but Cleveland weather always has other plans for us ohioans, Am I right? On to the look a like challenge for the month of March. I am excited not only for the best time of year Spring but also that wardrobe change (well kind of in Cleveland, we still have our cold temps to look out for, but I am going to wear a dress okay!) I have been looking for something fun this spring and I picked four different looks down below. I encourage everyone to find a look they love and make it your own. I will be treasure hunting in my closet and the thrift store. I will keep the budget to $20 an outfit, thats right from head to toe. See my inspiration looks down below

Want to join the Look-a-Like Challenge?

I will need others to participate in this challenge if you are interested in being one of my models I would love to dress you. The deadline is March 27th, 2020. I will be featuring you in my blog. Live too far from Cleveland? You can always contact me through instagram or email me to send in your pictures and what your favorite look is out of the four looks above and I will feature you on both the blog and social media page. Also please use hashtag #ThriftingWithMegan #LetMeganTeachYou #SpringLookALike. I love seeing the creativity of others and the mission is to live a zero waste lifestyle. Looking forward to see the looks you put together. Please look forward to the upcoming blog post for the final results of this March 2020 look-a-like challenge. Happy thrifting Cleveland!

My favorite Thrift Store Sales days in Cleveland Ohio

I am a westsider of Cleveland and these are my favorite stores and sales. I am all about saving money and getting the best deals in Cleveland, Ohio I put together a list of my favorite thrift stores and the sale days I shop. Enjoy!!


My Tips

  • Go often. Thrift stores get new merchandise everyday.
  • Make a list. Jot down your wants and needs.
  • Set a budget.
  • Be creative.
  • Have fun!

Favorite Sale days!

  • Mondays– Savers Rockyriver, Ohio 50% off WHOLE store!
  • Thursdays– Common Threads Fairview Park, Ohio 50% off ALL CLOTHING including coats
  • Sundays– Goodwill any store in Cuyahoga County 2 color Tag sale one color $1 and 2nd color tag 50% off
  • I also receive exclusive VIP Coupons in my email by signing up and subscribing to thrift stores emailing list.

Share your favorite stores & sale days around Cleveland so I can check them out! Cleveland for life!